Video prototyping

The app to help smokers be more aware of people around and find a suitable place to smoke

video, product, ux × 2012
  • 2 weeks
  • In team with: Indre Kalinauskaite, Willem Fabritius, Derec Wu
  • My contribution: created the mobile app prototype and the logo, was casted in the video

There a lot of apps and methods trying to persuade people to quit smoking.

We decided to focus on those smokers who are not willing to quit

(for various reasons) but who still care about the people around and wouldn’t like to disturb or harm them. The purpose of this course was to create a video prototype showing the application concept.

We videotaped the interviews with participants, shoot our own little videos, and then developed a concept of the app and the video to showcase it. The application works as a social radar and shows if there are non-smokers around and the places nearby where it is allowed to smoke.

A cigarette pack is a part of a concept – it is connected to the phone and when a person is about to light a cigarette the pack’s color shows if it’s OK to smoke here: green allows to smoke and red prohibits. We created a really exaggerated “Apple-style” video to present our concept.