History visualized

Information visualization

WWII key events visualized on the interative map

video, visualization × 2013
  • 1 week
  • In team with: Indre Kalinauskaite, Den Tserkovnyi
  • My contribution: Brainstorming, creating a part of the maps for shooting

Historical changes and events, such as wars, diseases, disasters, economic depressions and technological developments not only change the political map of the world, but as well affect the world’s population. The concept of interactive map depicting the changes of the history and its effects on countries and human migration is presented in the current paper.

The prototype was build using paper prototyping technique and stop motion video. The transformation of the present concept into actual design could benefit educational institutions and people interested in history. Moreover, this concept could be generalized to other topics, where the overview is needed for information visualization.