Engineering interactive systems

The interactive TV-system that provides additional information about the objects in the movies

video, visualization × 2013
  • 1 week
  • In team with: Carmen van der Zwaluw, Fereshteh Khodabakshi
  • My contribution: Brainstorming, prototyping, layout for the report

The goal of the current project is to provide users (i.e. people who watch videos) with cool and innovative information on technology.

We aim to show users that learning technology can be fun.

Therefore, we developed an integrated way to gain relevant information about the technology behind an object or a concept presented in a video. By using this interactive system, the user will understand more of the technology presented in the video, which may also increase knowledge of the topic in general without having to give it much effort.

Learning about technology in this way encourages people to follow topics they might normally consider too difficult. This, in turn, may increase the enthusiasm on technology and related topics amongst youth and adults, and in this way popularize the choice for technological studies.

The target group for this project consists of people from the age of 15 who are at least slightly interested in getting to know more about gadgets or technology concepts around them.