Visual interation design

Improving the coffee time experience in the office building

video, product, ux × 2013
  • 3 days
  • In team with: Indre Kalinauskaite, Carmen van der Zwaluw, Barbara Wajda
  • My contribution: Brainstorming, narration, final video production

Coffee break in the office is sometimes the only way to get out of your working place and “recharge” yourself. We were thinking how to improve this experience and make it look less like office and more like a nice quality coffee place.

The quality of the coffee turned out to be the most important thing for the office workers.

This is something barely attainable when the only vending machine coffee is available. We came up with the idea of a coffee booth that has a virtual barista that can provide you with more human-like experience and a quality coffee.

The user can have a special card which is used to store your orders and coffee preferences, therefore the service gets faster sisnce you can just repeat your previous choice. While one person is waiting for coffee the videos about the coffee and the process are shown to entertain him. Meanwhile the progress is visualized on outer side of the booth, so the other clients can see how much more time do they have to wait.

All the ideas ended up in a stop-motion video.